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Geneva rallies to support Ukraine

Geneva has reasserted its commitment to peace as well as its support for and solidarity with Ukraine and the Ukrainian population. In particular, it has decided to grant emergency aid to the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. Citizens of Geneva wishing to play their part can contact several organisations. 


Information for refugees arriving in Switzerland

Protective status S for Ukrainians

The Federal Council has decided to grant status “S” to people forced to leave Ukraine due to the war, provided that they have not already obtained protective status in another country of the European Union. Effective since 12 March 2022, this special protective status in particular provides immediate and complete access to the labour market and school system. More detailed information is available on the Swiss Confederation website: Ukraine: the Federal Council activates protective status S for Ukrainians

Federal asylum centers

Anyone who cannot immediately find accommodation with relatives, friends or acquaintances should report to a federal asylum centre. Initial assistance and care will be provided here.

In Western Switzerland, the closest centre is in Boudry:

Boudry federal asylum centre 
Rue de l’Hôpital 60
2017 Boudry
Tel. +41 58 465 03 03
Hotline +41 58 465 03 03

More information is available on the website of the OSAR – Swiss Refugee Council:

Важлива інформація для всіх біженців, які прибули до Швейцарії з України: українські біженці, які прибувають до Швейцарії, i не мають особистих зв'язків у Швейцарії, можуть звернутися до одного з федеральних центрів з надання притулку. Там є адреси приймаючих сімей. Запити також можна надсилати електронною поштою на адресу, а також за телефоном +41 58 465 99 11 (з 10:00 до 12:00 та з 14:00 до 16:00).

Важная информация для всех прибывших в Швейцарию из Украины беженцев: Прибывающие в Швейцарию украинские беженцы, которые не имеют личных связей в Швейцарии, должны обратиться в один из шести федеральных центров временного размещения, где можно найти адреса принимающих семей. Запросы также можно направлять по электронной почте, а также по телефону +41 58 465 99 11 (с 10:00 до 12:00 и с 14:00 до 16:00).

Helping as a private individual

Ukraine Solidarity Green Line – 0800 900 995

The Ukraine Solidarity green line (0800 900 995) is operational since Wednesday 9 March. Intended for the population of Geneva who wishes to make a donation in cash or in goods, to offer accommodation or to become a volunteer, the line provides information on the various needs that emerge and structures the spontaneous aid proposals emanating from the population. It also gives general information on how welcoming refugees, whether it concerns medical consultations, schooling or the care of children, etc. Managed by Hospice Général, the line is open 7 days a week from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. All this information is also available on the website

Make a donation to "La Chaîne du Bonheur"

In light of the magnitude of the looming humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, La Chaîne du Bonheur - Swiss Solidarity is calling on the Swiss population to show their solidarity. The donations it collects are put toward quality humanitarian and social projects run by its partner organisations.

Financial assistance of the City of Geneva

Emergency aid provided by the City of Geneva to the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement

The Executive Council has decided to grant emergency aid totalling CHF 100,000 to the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement which, in light of the sudden deterioration in the humanitarian situation in Ukraine and its neighbouring countries, has launched a call for 250 million Swiss francs in aid for the people affected by the conflict.

For more information, please contact Mr Philippe d’Espine, Information Officer of the Executive Council, on 079 372 84 59 or at

Donation of CHF 500,000.- to "La Chaîne du Bonheur"

On March 9, national day of appeal for donations in favor of the Ukrainian population, the City Council of the City of Geneva decided to provide financial assistance to the Ukrainian population by making a donation of CHF 500,000.- to the Chaîne du Bonheur - Swiss Solidarity.

Information on civil protection

Due to the war in Ukraine, the Federal Office of Civil Protection (FOCP) as well as the cantonal and municipal authorities are faced with numerous enquiries from citizens. Current information about civil protection can be found on the website of the Swiss Confederation: War in Ukraine

Currently, the population is not required to take any special measures.

Donate to charities helping Ukraine

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