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Get Your Bracelets for the End-of-Year School Party!

The end of year party is coming up and we need your help.

The APENDL membership fee of CHF250 per family is partially used to finance this event and allows the entrance to NDL children and two adults.

For those families who have not yet paid their 2022/2023 membership, we invite you to do so by May 8th via either the QR code or IBAN below.

If you wish to purchase additional wristbands please complete the form below, and return it to us either per email , either in the APENDL letterbox (located in the school office) or in your child's diary.

For those who wish to make an additional donation, this is warmly welcomed!


We are preparing a wonderful program for you and we are looking forward to seeing you on Saturday June 24 for this beautiful event.

See you soon,

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