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Request for donations - for Catholic School in Lebanon

During this Christmas period, Notre Dame du Lac has turned its thoughts to the Catholic schools in Lebanon that find themselves in a difficult situation.
The Christian schools in Lebanon, which welcome pupils from all religious backgrounds, are an essential vector of peace in a country that is so often torn apart by conflicts between communities. These schools are also the guardians of education and the future of a whole generation. Today, these schools are threatened by debt, as parents can no longer afford to pay for their children's schooling.
For those wishing to do so, we propose making a donation to Collège Saint Joseph des Sœurs Antonines, a French school which goes to great lengths to maintain an education system in jeopardy.
Your donations will be used to help:
- Sponsor the children's schooling
- Give access to the canteen to those who can no longer afford it
- Buy fuel oil (the only way to guarantee electricity and heating)
- Maintain the general running of the school
We have chosen this school for the quality of its teaching and its values, but also because it is essential to the stability of the region: Zahlé, Ksara
We invite parents to send their donation via APENDL before December 15th. APENDL will then collect all the funds and transfer them to the Collège. Please quote the reference "LEBANON COLLEGE SANT JOSEPH" with your donation.
Funds can be sent by bank transfer, TWINT or cash in an envelope placed in the APENDL mailbox at reception. 
If you have any questions, please send an email to

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